Why you should sign up to more than one sportsbook

3:29 pm by taiwanfm. Filed under: Betting on Sports

Many beginners make the mistake of finding a sportsbook they really like and then staying loyal to them throughout the years, when in reality they’re just missing out on A LOT of opportunity. While on one hand, human beings work in a way that they usually don’t like changes, so it easily gets comfortable staying on a site which you know well and recognize, but that is not reason enough for just playing on one website!

Sports’ betting gives you a great chance of not only winning money watching your favourite sport but introducing you to a platform that specialises in sport. A lot of pages, exclusively the bigger brands, offer live action sporting events. A betting room isn’t only a place to look for money but to follow day-to-day sporting news. Many of the fans register simply to focus on gathering information on a particular sport or event. In my case I joined for the betting and the plus of the news which is always a bonus. Well informed players have better chances of winning and, in the long run, making much more money.

There is also the option of betting during an event. When this happens the bets may change depending on the ongoing of the match or race, it gives a better sense of real betting when on the webpage, something to really look forward too.

Again, to find the best websites is a difficult thing, make sure you select between the best ones and legal ones. If you are not sure which one to pick, simply visit review sites and check their list of reviews on the best and most secure brands out there. Information is the key, don’t forget it!

The first and most obvious reason to have accounts on several websites is that pretty much every sportsbook out there offers some form of a starting bonus, and starting bonuses are pretty huge (check out pronosticoquiniela.eu – they have loads and loads of different sportsbooks reviewed, everything from small sportsbooks like Goldenpark, to international sportsbooks such as LBApuestas). Whether it’s a free bet or a first deposit bonus there’s money to made, and who would say no to a bonus if the hade the chance to get one. So you’re actually making a profit just from spreading out your money on different websites rather than just one.

The other thing, which a lot of people don’t think about but that is equally important, is the fact that sportsbooks don’t offer the same odds on the games you want to play. In fact they can differ quite a lot (of which you can read more here!) and you always want to place your bet on the highest odds you can get, as it will result in the biggest reward in case your bet wins. Therefore, always compare the odds on different websites before you choose where to place you wager!