Martingale – A classic system in Roulette

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One of the most famous strategies to “beat” the game of roulette is the martingale system. It’s a very easy system that is used to win small amounts of money without a lot of risk involved. The way it works is simple: A player starts off betting a relatively low amount, for example €1, on either red or black at an online casino, such as William Hill for example. Every time a bet is lost, he then doubles the bet in order to win back the initial bet + €1. So say for example that the player gets unlucky and looses 5 bets in a row. He will then have started of betting €1, then doubling the next bet to €2, then €4, then €8 and finally €16. On the sixth bet, the bet will double to €32, and the ball finally ends up on a red slot and he wins. This means that he will have lost €31 in the previous rounds, but he ends up winning €32 on the sixth round of betting, meaning he covers his losses of €31 plus an additional €1 which makes a profit.

The idea of the game is that with a chance of roughly 50% to win in every round, it is very unlikely to lose many rounds in a row. Sounds solid as a rock, doesn’t it?

But the truth is, as with any casino strategy, that the laws of mathematics are never working in your favor in a casino. It might sound like a bullet proof system, but you will see that it will not work in the long run, unless you have an infinite amount of money to bet (in which case gambling would seem rather unnecessary, right?). Casinoonline.re has a good article on this subject! As you start off with such a small bet, and every win, no matter how big the final bets get, will only result in a €1 profit, you will soon realize that you will have to sit at the table for a long time before you start making any real money. Over a long period of time, you will be surprised that long losing streaks actually appear, and how quickly the bets will eat up your bank roll. Now, a bet of €32 after six rounds might not seem so bad, but what about a ten round long loosing streak? On the seventh round the bet doubles to 64, on the eight its €128, on the ninth its €256 and on the tenth round you will have to bet a whopping €512 just to win €1.

This said, the Martingale system isn’t a bad way of playing roulette, but a lot of people seem to think it’s a sure thing to win at casinos, when really they risk a lot of money to win a tiny amount of money. If you wnat to find out more about the Martingale system, as well as other roulette strategies and gambling in general, make sure to visit Nexusgames or casinozx.com, which has some of the best tips on where to find high quality casinos!